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Server Rules
/MuServer XMU.BG/

Confirming their registration, we consider that all users are familiar with the following rules and undertake to observe them!

At registration:

1. When you choose a name, write it as a simple way. Thus, in the problem, we can find you easier and easier, and you write with your friends.
2. It is prohibited to your names are similar or close to those of the administrators! (Insect, XTYLING)
3. It is recommended that your names do not contain the following characters: '!)@>#*(_+{}":?<]\|$%[^&
4. When registration is important to remember 3 things. It is good to save them:
--a) E-mail-and you enter during registration;
--b) 7-digit code;
--c) Account and password!

During the game:

1. Swearing offense and whom you ask. This is not punishable, but only talk about your culture.
1.1. Prohibits only a swearing / post command!
2. The use of any programs, patches, bugs or hack game is prohibited.
3. We are not responsible for stolen articles setove and others.(which does not mean he can do whatever you want)
4. Do not take programs from other users because they may be key to revealing your identity. We are not responsible for stolen accounts!
5. Do not give your password to anyone! Administrators of this server are only two: XTYLING and Insect! None of the administrators of the servers will not require your password!

During the Event's:

--Race Event:
1. It is forbidden to carry consumer wings!
2. It is prohibited to PK's!
3. Do not write private messages to the Administrator to conduct Event's!
4. Audience during the race is not necessary! Everyone involved - is the track!
If someone surrenders - /move Lorencia !
5. If during Event server lag, the winner is deemed to be user display screen (the one who first noticed by the administrator!)!

--PK Event:
1. Prohibited the use of MS (Mana Shild) from SM!
2. It is forbidden to return to the castle, the hero has fallen!
3. Event develop only within the Castle! No one can go beyond it.

--Find Event (or I'm somewhere in Lorencia - find me!)
1. The winner is considered the player who first give /trade to the Administrator to conduct Event!
2. No need to ask us where we are. In town or out of town. This information is provided at the discretion of the administrator.

--Other Event's:
1. Overall during Event's prohibited PK (except PK event)!
2. Prohibited in the game to illiterate members to participate! I don't know what that is Life-a of a Satan-prohibited job in Q Event!


1. Stopping BC is allowed!
2. AFK (Away from keyboard) is allowed!
3. Work 2 MU client is allowed!
4. When you give your password to anyone or buy account - make it your own risk! We are not responsible for defrauded accounts and change passwords.
5. Inactive accounts not enter at least 12 months is automatically deleted.


- Block of Character - 1 or 2 weeks!
- Block Character + Ban on IP - Forever!
Penalties are imposed at the discretion of the Administrators!


- Tel: 0897467143
- e-mail: [email protected]

How to give a lost password:

Elementary - Open site server that you play. On the menu: "User Panel" select "Forgot Your Password?".
There will need to enter: Login Name, E-Mail!


In finding a violation of the rules, please use the following page:
- Mu Server ( - Contacts

XTYLING Team reserves the right to change the content of the rules!
Last update: 29.03.2019

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